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Safeguard Audits Pty Ltd - Fire Safety Consultants

As Fire Safety Consultants, Safeguard Audits Pty Ltd can take care of all fire safety issues that arise in many premises throughout Sydney and regional NSW.

We provide advice and recommendations that ensure the level of fire safety and confidence are raised.   Safeguard Audits offer complete fire consultancy advice on all classes of buildings, providing customised Audit Reports with recommendations to meet Council and community expectations.

Our expertise and services cover:

  • Building Assessments.
  • Fire Safety Audits.
  • Local Council Fire Orders.
  • Building Codes and Regulations.
  • Annual Fire Safety Statements.

Safeguard Audits Pty Ltd is a member of:  

  • The Institution of Fire Engineers.
  • The Fire Protection Association of Australia.
  • Engineers Australia Society of Fire Safety.

To talk to a Qualified Fire Safety Consultant about your specific needs, please contact us.



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